• ■ Grill - grill cuisine - ■

    • 【Gooth Table Sign Menu】 Cattle fillet steak

      【Gooth Table Sign Menu】 Cattle fillet steak

      1580 yen (tax included)

      Fillet is one of the finest quality parts that can be taken from a cow.Fillet steak which can be tasted only with goose which baked up cheaply in Chevero.The grilled steak that grilled eyes appetize.

    • Thick slice beef tongue

      Thick slice beef tongue

      1280 yen (tax included)

      It is a dish that you can enjoy pleasant texture peculiar to beef tongue, delicious meat juice.

    • Pork steak

      980 yen (tax included)

      The softness and gravy of pork soaked in special sauce is a dish that becomes a habit.

    • Grilled sausage serving

      Grilled sausage serving

      980 yen (tax included)

      Simply baked sausage with taste condensed.

  • ■ Dish Fried in garlic oil - Ahijo cuisine - ■

    • Red shrimp ahillo

      Red shrimp ahillo

      700 yen (tax included)

      The royal road of Ahijo.With hot garlic oil with plenty of shrimp extract that entered the head of the shrimp.

    • Oyster and long-bean achilles

      Oyster and long-bean achilles

      700 yen (tax included)

      With plush oysters in an ahio style.The fragrant scent of green onions adds appetite.

    • Tub shell and rock laver achilles

      700 yen (tax included)

      Ahijyo filled with Korikori's Tsubu shell and rocky seaweed plenty.Ahijyo where the scent of the sea was condensed.

    • Bucket (5 sheets / 8 sheets)

      250 yen / 300 yen (tax included)
  • ■ Pasta - season of pasta - ■

    • Check our recommended menu!

      Check our recommended menu!


      Popular goose table pasta uses seasonal ingredients.Pasta of the deep GOOD!

  • ■ Pizza - season of pizza - ■

    • Check our recommended menu!

      Check our recommended menu!


      The inside is baked caliciously beside the mochi outside.Please enjoy the taste of the article.

  • ■ Antipasto - appetizer - ■

    • Jamon Serrano

      Jamon Serrano

      S: 800 yen (tax included)

      Mature Spanish ham.Please enjoy the flavor and fragrance of cutting out from the log.(M size: 1400 yen (tax included) / L size: 1900 yen (tax included))

    • Cheese flutter [5 types of prime]

      880 yen (tax included)

      To accompany champagne.Assortment of 5 different cheeses.

    • Cow lean meat carpaccio

      Cow lean meat carpaccio

      780 yen (tax included)

      I was moved by the umami that overflowed from soft meat.Take advantage of black pepper accent.

    • Octopus carpaccio ~ Japanese style tailoring ~

      Octopus carpaccio ~ Japanese style tailoring ~

      680 yen (tax included)

      We finished with special dressing based on Japanese style.Rock nori of dressing is GOOD!

    • Marinated salmon and avocado

      Marinated salmon and avocado

      680 yen (tax included)

      Number one popular among women.Arrange goose-like salmon and avocado with outstanding compatibility!

    • Cuprise


      650 yen (tax included)

      I made popular Caprese into a cup style.I have never seen Caprese like this ...

    • Fluffy omelette

      Fluffy omelette

      650 yen (tax included)

      Fluffy omelet with slime of cheese.When you shake the dishes, this fluffy feeling is boring.

    • garlic shrimp

      garlic shrimp

      700 yen (tax included)

      Hawaii Oawaf island specialty noodle shop.Spicy and punchy garlic becomes a habit.

  • ■ Vegetable - Vegetable <local farmers direct delivery of fresh vegetables × Goose table> - ■

    • Goose salad ~ Chef's whimsy ~

      Goose salad ~ Chef's whimsy ~

      680 yen (tax included)

      Today 's Goose salad.What is today's Kimagurechi salad using seasonal ingredients?

    • Grilled vegetables ~ flavor flavor ~

      Grilled vegetables ~ flavor flavor ~

      700 yen (tax included)

      In the grill style the seasonal vegetables of the local farmer's direct shipment.Please enjoy the original taste of vegetables.

  • ■ Tapas - small dishes - ■

    • Oyster oil pickled

      580 yen (tax included)

      It is a dish packed with plentiful oyster taste.

    • French fries [salt (garlic)]

      French fries [salt (garlic)]

      400 yen (tax included)

      Classic French fries

    • Anchovy cabbage

      420 yen (tax included)

      Repeat rate No.1! Saute made cabbage which is compatible with anchovies.

    • Confit of gizzards

      450 yen (tax included)

      It is a dish popular among men who become a habit with a crispy texture.

    • Homemade pickles

      420 yen (tax included)

      I made plenty of vegetables in pickled pickles with original recipe.

    • Liver paste

      500 yen (tax included)

      A chef boasting lever paste.Add a bucket.

    • Shitto frit

      420 yen (tax included)

      Western-style tempura that confined the shishito's flavor.

    • Sliced ​​salami

      500 yen (tax included)

      Recommended when you want a little pinch.Excellent compatibility with beer!

    • Mussels white wine marinade

      450 yen (tax included)
    • Garlic toast

      420 yen (tax included)

      Taste garlic in toast, along with small dish dishes.

    • Western-style chilled tomatoes

      350 yen (tax included)

      Western style chilled tomato with spicy accent.

    • Pate de Campagne

      Pate de Campagne

      550 yen (tax included)

      Country style putty in which the umami taste has been condensed.Mustard tailoring.

  • ■ Dessert - dessert - ■

    • French toast

      French toast

      500 yen (tax included)

      French toast baked with skillet.Please enjoy the fluffy texture while the crisp outside.

    • Adult Tiramisu

      Adult Tiramisu

      500 yen (tax included)

      Reward to myself.Adult tailored tiramisu.